“Delta were recommended to us through one of our sponsors.  Ever since the first meeting with Fred for a demonstration I was amazed at the level of possibilities.  From taking bookings, to gym memberships and invoicing;  It made the choice very simple.  Graeme and Thomas made the pre-building checklists easy to understand and were more than happy to help answer any problems that arose” 

“Delta were extremely professional throughout; their level of service is simply something else, they built us an entire system in just over 2 weeks, a task which sometimes takes upwards of 2 months.  Being able to be a part of the system building process during the training made understanding SCUBA much more simple, Phil and Janet were simply wonderful.  It has instilled in me the ability to change and modify the system as our business grows.

“Due to our fitness suite being in a remote location, it made sense to use the door access module associated with SCUBA – Sentinel.  Sentinel just works, it’s much better than other door access systems I have used.  The ability to be selective over who can access our facility based on if they have or haven’t received an induction has made our whole business more safe.  Paul managed to set the entire system in a matter of minutes, and his help corresponding with Moffat Fire & Security was invaluable.”

Jonathan Mann

Sport & Leisure Manager – Knole Academy