We chose Scuba back in 2007/8 as the Council’s Leisure Management System after tendering. We had Leisure staff on the project team, and it was their view that Scuba was the best. We did many site visits, and the overwhelming feeling we got from users was the system was easy to use and gave them the control they needed. Delta were the only supplier to embrace the National Entitlement Card, which was a major bonus. I have always found Delta staff to be helpful, customer focussed and always willing to listen to new ideas. When I have approached them about changes needed, they have always listened and been able to incorporate the changes into Scuba, a recent example being the KIDZ card. It is this approachability that is so refreshing in a supplier. I feel Delta are more like a partner than a supplier. I would strongly recommend Delta and their Scuba product.

Hope this makes sense.
Kindest regards, Keith

Keith Percival
Service Manager – Customer Services 1
Community and Customer Services
Dumfries and Galloway Council