Scuba – Leisure Management System – Reporting


Scuba’s Reporting Suite is easy to use and includes several Analysis modules allowing you to make business decisions based on the utilisation of a particular area, casually bookable activity (Badminton, Squash etc) utilisation within an area, casually bookable course (Aerobics, Spinning etc) utilisation within an area and membership category utilisation (by activity) within an area.

Analysis by Area, Usage and User


Usage of particular areas can be analysed to investigate uptake with the Utilisation By Area module. It is also possible to analyse an activity(s) within a particular area(s) to investigate which are profitable and which are non-profitable with the Utilisation By Activity module or analyse facility usage of a certain area by membership category(s) to investigate uptake with the Utilisation By User module. Equally, it is possible to analyse an activity within a particular bookable area(s) to investigate ‘aerobic’ type courses that are profitable or non-profitable with the Utilisation By Casual Course module.

Both ‘User’ and ‘Usage’ analysis can also be presented demographically, allowing you to analyse either the whole user database, visits by specific user categories or only ‘active’ members.

Key Features

Customer Relationship Management

The ability to Convert, Retain and Manage your customers is an important part of leisure provision and Scuba’s Speculate module will allow you to:

  • add potential users to the Scuba database
  • set contact milestones
  • allocate personal trainers
  • send letters, e-mails or SMS
  • convert potential members easily
  • retain full correspondence history
  • schedule periodic follow-up calls

Scuba will allow you to set up any number of prospective membership categories and these will allow you to offer ‘taster’ memberships for limited periods with, perhaps, reduced booking rights, to users that may be interested in joining the Centre but need an incentive.

Each contact may be assigned to a Sales Advisor. The name and all contact details can be inserted into Scuba with, perhaps, the user photograph. A temporary membership card can also be issued as part of the registration process if required. Potential members can then be assigned to a Personal Trainer / Team Leader / Sales Advisor and the Scuba would then allow you to record the type of membership that the user is interested in.

Income Analysis

Income Analysis is available automatically as a BY-PRODUCT of running the Point of Sale in Scuba5 – eradicating the tedious task of manually transposing till readings to spreadsheets to get the most basic information.

From the data collected during our Pre-Sales Consultation you will have informed us of the ‘standard’ reports that you wish to generate from Scuba and the software will have been configured to report in this fashion.  These ‘standard’ reports generally take the form of a Finance Income Report (with the reporting structure dictated to you by Head Office or the Finance Department), a Manager’s Income Report (a report showing the same bottom line  income figure but in a structure more conducive to making informed business decisions), an Admissions Report (a throughput report containing grouped admissions such as adult swim visits and fitness suite sessions etc) and a Product Report (a sales report normally broken down into sales of goods such as, goggles, water bottles etc).  The ‘coding’ of the income is AUTOMATIC, which means that daily, weekly or monthly reports can be produced instantly and in a variety of formats and can be exported to proprietary packages for further analysis.

Financial Period Analysis

Scuba5’s Financial Period Analysis module provides a comparison of target versus actual income (or admissions) by either specific financial period (which can be daily, weekly or monthly) or a cumulative total to date for all financial periods in the current financial year; or a comparison of target versus actual income (or admissions) against the same financial periods last year (to analyse income increase  or decrease by business cost centre).

Membership Sales Analysis

Analysing your membership database is vital if you are to maximise the use of your facility.  Membership Sales Analysis allows Facility Managers to accurately track the make-up of their database and extract user profiles based on age, gender, category and status (i.e. whether the user is Active, New, Renewed or Lapsed).

The composition of either your whole user database or specific user categories can be generated allowing complete analytical flexibility.  Results can be displayed in percentages or as numbers with an Attrition Rate generated.

Visit Analysis

Scuba5’s Visit Analyser module tracks each user’s attendance by activity, recording the day, date and time of each visit.  Designed to help with the relationship marketing exercises, playing an increasingly important role in all leisure facilities, the ‘loyalty’ module proves particularly valuable in the membership retention, particularly in the Fitness Suite. All outcomes can either be listed (with contact details) or merged to a letter, emailed or SMS text message.

Here are just a few examples:

Identify all those users who, since completing their Gym Induction in January, have been back less that five times, then merge these results into a letter detailing Refresher Courses for the Gym.

Identify the top 10 users from the gym during last month and MailMerge their names, via the Scuba5 Mail Magician module, to a newsletter, asking them to pick up their free T-Shirt on their next visit.

Identify all those users who have attended between 5 and 10 times last month and suggest that it would be more economical to take out a Direct Debit.