Scuba – Leisure Management System – Kiosk

KioskKiosks can play an important role for customers and centre management, providing a quick, easy and simple reception bypass. Functionality ranges from allowing your pre paid users to collect their (£0.00) tickets for class places, through to booking the e.g. same class for next week and / or clocking themselves in to have a £0.00 priced session such as swim or gym (the gym option may not be needed if Sentinel Access Control is installed to control gym access). This collection of £0.00 priced tickets by DD payers is an absolute necessity in the Sports Centre because it stops your DD members booking classes and not turning up.

Our self-serve applications are deployed on robust, tried-and-tested technology with optional payment provision. The kiosks provided focus on ease and simplicity of use with the speed of transaction being of paramount importance.

Kiosks are often justified on the basis that ‘they never turn up late for work and never have a day off’.  They will divert users from reception, especially at busy times like early evenings, and often save that ‘extra’ member of staff you need between 5.00pm and 8.30pm.