Introduction to Scuba Leisure Management System Software


Our Scuba (Sports Centre Utilisation Booking and Analysis) Leisure Management System software is modular, allowing you to select the combination of products that can easily be combined to suit your individual organisational needs, then added to in the future if required.

The Scuba Leisure Management Software solution is under continual development to ensure it meets the rapidly changing demands of the Leisure industry, with the majority of software updates being passed on to customers completely FREE of charge, as part of our valued after-sales service.

Our SCUBA solution would, for example, enable you to:

  • Offer greater flexibility for customers – they can choose a number of ways to pay/book e.g. visit the centre, book over the phone, via the web or via a kiosk on site.
  • 24 hour bookings (via the web modules)
  • Relieve pressure on the front desk (have multiple receptionists all accessing e.g. bookings at the same time)
  • Streamline the payment process for both the customer, reception staff and for reconciliation purposes (Chip & Pin)
  • Indentify ‘peaks’ and ‘troughs’ in centre attendance; use targeted marketing campaigns to offer incentives to increase attendance
  • Create automated pricing structures to improve take up during low attendance periods
  • Issue tickets, take bookings (Casual, Class, Contract/Diary), including invoice creation (if required) and record visits from any PC/terminal in the building, including booking rooms, pitches, tradesmen for maintenance etc.,
  • Complete fast automatic cash reconciliation, including ‘real time’ and historical detailed audit trails.
  • Provide unlimited membership categories, offering loyalty, off peak price concessions etc.,
  • Manage automatic arrears generation, letter creation, automated e-mails and SMS messages etc
  • Fast customer throughput; kiosks, web bookings and integrated chip & pin;

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