Scuba – Reporting


CentreStage’s Reporting Suite is easy to use and includes several Analysis modules allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Detailed Analysis

All income taken at the Box Office is automatically coded to the correct income code.

Marketing Reports Include:
Event Sales
List Analysis
Sales by Concession
Sales Comparison
Research Analysis
Event frequency report


Event Reports Include:

Add on report for items such as merchandise, postage etc.
Advance Sales – reservations analysis across multiple shows.
Postcode Analysis
MOP Report
House analysis
Internet Daily Sales
Seat Breakdown
Seat Sales by Show
Takings by show

Key Features

Customer Relationship Management

The ability to Convert, Retain and Manage your customers is an important part of theatre provision and our Speculate module will allow you to:

  • add potential users to the CentreStage database
  • set contact milestones
  • send letters, e-mails or SMS
  • convert potential patrons/members easily
  • retain full correspondence history
  • schedule periodic follow-up calls

CentreStage will allow you to set up any number of prospective patron/membership categories and these will allow you to offer ‘taster’ memberships for limited periods with, perhaps, reduced booking rights, to users that may be interested in becoming a patron but need an incentive.

Each contact may be assigned to a Sales Advisor. The name and all contact details can be inserted into CentreStage with, perhaps, the user photograph. A temporary patron/membership card can also be issued as part of the registration process if required. Potential patron/members can then be assigned to a Team Leader / Sales Advisor and then CentreStage would then allow you to record the type of shows that the user is interested in.

Income Analysis

Income Analysis is available automatically as a BY-PRODUCT of running the Point of Sale – eradicating the tedious task of manually transposing till readings to spreadsheets to get the most basic information.

From the data collected during our Pre-Sales Consultation you will have informed us of the ‘standard’ reports that you wish to generate from CentreStage and the software will have been configured to report in this fashion. These ‘standard’ reports generally take the form of a Finance Income Report (with the reporting structure dictated to you by Head Office or the Finance Department), a Manager’s Income Report (a report showing the same bottom line  income figure but in a structure more conducive to making informed business decisions), an Admissions Report and a Product Report (a sales report normally broken down into sales of goods such as, merchanise, refreshments etc).The ‘coding’ of the income is AUTOMATIC, which means that daily, weekly or monthly reports can be produced instantly and in a variety of formats and can be exported to proprietary packages for further analysis.

Financial Period Analysis

Financial Period Analysis module provides a comparison of target versus actual income (or tickets) by either specific financial period (which can be daily, weekly or monthly) or a cumulative total to date for all financial periods in the current financial year; or a comparison of target versus actual income (or tickets) against the same financial periods last year (to analyse income increase or decrease by business cost centre).

Patron Sales Analysis

The patron search engine will allow you to run sophisticated queries against the patron database easily and use that data to correspond with your customers by various means. Searches may be based upon personal preferences, patron history, location or buying patterns and examples of common searches would be:

Find all patrons who have said they like Jazz (derived from the market research information collected on line).

Find all patrons who came to see an event in the Jazz genre (derived from buying history).

Find all patrons who came to see a specific event/artist from the Jazz genre.

Find all Friends who like Jazz etc.

Find all friends who have attended a Jazz event in the last ‘x’ months.

Then de-duplicate on the fly by asking the system to check Surname, Address Line 1 and postcode.

The resultant file may be sent to the Conditional mailshot. This allows you to correspond with your patrons by E-mail, Letter, SMS. A recent development is E-Mail Client – this tool harnesses the power of SQLServer to send e-mails using STMP.


Seating Plan Designer
This module includes provision to create an unlimited number of seating plans.

Ticket Designer
Allows the user to create multiple ticket styles for different shows/venues.

Room Bookings
Many customers also hire out rooms and halls to third parties for conferences, parties, course and meetings.
Our room planner deals with all types of future bookings. There is no limit to how far ahead these can be booked.
The Planner also allows for the creation of accounting details together with the confirmation of hire letter and invoice.

Course Administration
Some of our users provide holiday play schemes for a variety of topics such as drama workshops.

Identify all those users who have attended between 5 and 10 times last month and suggest that it would be more economical to take out a Direct Debit.