Introduction to CentreStage


CentreStage Box Office Software has been developed in association with a number of Theatre Venues to provide a comprehensive Theatre Management System designed to meet the need of today’s modern box office.

CentreStage has all the features you would expect from a market leader in the entertainments industry. It is installed  in a number of venues and we are gradually building up our customer base, determined to operate as a privately owned and independent supplier of quality Box Office & Marketing Systems and to provide a robust and user-friendly solution backed up with loyal and conscientious Support Team.


CentreStage was originally developed in conjunction with Fairfield Halls in Croydon, a 1998 Concert Hall which  is complemented by an 800 seat auditorium. Fairfield also sell tickets on behalf of other venues.

Our solution would give you:

  • Robust, Secure, User Friendly Software
  • Competitive pricing (we offer two options either an outright purchase or on a per transaction based pricing structure)
  • Comprehensive multiple access software; you may have any number of licenced users on the system
  • Marketing control, detailed marketing information is a key feature and will enable you to manage E-campaigns based on for example patron buying history.
  • Robust web-enabled, self-service interface for your customers
  • On line self-registration and profiling of preferences
  • Create your own Patron/Membership cards with/without a photographic image
  • Create your own seating plans and ticket designs, enabling you to host web bookings for other venues via your web site to access another potential revenue stream.