Diary Bookings

calAll future bookings, as far in advance as you require, from the one-off special event to the multiple-date block booking often made by schools , for example are catered for. Details of any future booking, including those for multiple dates, need be entered only once, saving considerable administration time. This module goes further, by handling the complete contract from start to finish.

Key Features

The Contract Planner feature is the tool used to book out space on the booking screens for dates in advance. This might be a one off special event, a weekly booking or an in house activity. A range of dates can be booked as simply as a single date with dates being excluded as required.

The history of each contract hirer’s bookings is kept under their unique contract reference and can be viewed or edited as required either before or after booking completion

The Contract Accounting module allows an individual account to be created for each hirer detailing the hire charge, cost per unit and number of units. The account can be set up to be paid on an individual date(s), weekly, monthly as required.

The Arrears letters facility enables the Contract Administrator to automatically produce a ‘reminder’ letter to be sent to the Contract Hirers for all outstanding payments. The Debtors Report module will give a total of the amounts owing or a breakdown owed by each individual hirer.

Unlimited bookings across multiple areas

The Planner will allow you to book the main hall and cafe in a single operation for a birthday party; a pitch and changing room for a football game or the pool and meeting room for your swimming club who may want a repeat booking over several months with a few exclusion dates.

Real Time – integration with Casual Bookings and the Membership database.

CentreStage stores all bookings in a single, shared file. Available space is automatically checked during the booking process and conflicts are flagged to allow immediate resolution. Your hirer’s details are stored on the integrated membership database, so repeat bookings are simplified because you never need to transpose or re-enter information.

All contract payments made can be traced through the accounting module giving the individual hirer’s details, the date paid, the instalment date, amount and receipt number. This can also be printed for audit purposes if required.

Bookings are made and administered from the diary page, so that you can see available space and mark which areas and times you need with the mouse. This selection protocol allows you to mark multiple selections (10:00-12:00 & 18:00-21:00) on a single booking sheet as well as single or multiple selections (Dance Studio and Cafe) on multiple booking sheets.

The ‘auto-book’ feature allows you grab the whole area easily and the ‘repeat’ option will allow you book between two dates, until a certain date or for the next ‘x’ weeks.

Free format notes for Resource Allocation and hyperlinks.

Free form notes may be added to any booking in the Planner using the integrated editor.

Ongoing correspondence between you and the hirer (Public liability insurance certificates, confirmation of instructor qualifications etc) may be stored and hyperlinked from the booking notes to provide a full correspondence history.

Bespoke reports/invoices can be produced either individually or en masse to include details such as part payment dates, account charges and hirers address etc. These could include confirmation of hire letters, conditions of hire etc.

A Diary List can be produced to show all the contract bookings for a selected date range and selected areas. This can be useful for staff so that they know what equipment to set up in each area throughout the day.