CentreStage – Courses Management


screen-coursesCentreStage provides a user-friendly easy way of enrolling ‘students’ on to one or many courses. When creating each Course our software allows you to structure the prices according to the user’s patron/membership category. Several students can be enrolled on to multiple classes within the same transaction with CentreStage generating a receipt for each class booked.


Key Features

Each student must have a ‘User Number’ (which can be carried out at the time of enrolment) giving them an entry on the Membership database containing all their contact information and an audit trail of all the courses the student has attended which allows detailed User Analysis for Market Research and enabling tools such as Mail Magician to be used for mail shots to course students. For holiday courses, information about their Guardian (if applicable), Doctor and Medical details are also stored against the membership record.

Each course selected for enrolment can be paid in full, part paid with a payment schedule, or paid later as required. The fees for each course can also be over written in special circumstances if necessary (providing the user has a high enough level of access) and additional items such as badges or certificates can be added.

Course enrolments can be paid by cash, cheque, credit debit card, voucher, credit note or a combination of these methods.

Students can be cancelled or transferred from a course through the enrolment routine. If a refund is due this can be given by credit note rather than raising a cheque requisition. The credit notes are uniquely numbered along with an authorisation number to prevent misuse. The credit notes can be managed by an administrator who would be able to view when the notes were surrendered etc. Easy Cancellations and Transfers

The course setup module allows courses to be set up to only allow students of a particular age range to enrol – eradicating the possibility of adults enrolling on junior courses and vice versa. The courses can also be set by the course administrator to stop receptionists taking any enrolments before the set re-enrolment date.

The Course Register module allows you to create user specific register templates (one for the Dance School Scheme and a different one for the Holiday Workshops, for example) containing the required details of all those people who have enrolled onto each course in a course term, these can either be printed en masse or merely a selection sent to a report printer. The ‘standard’ Register contains all the ‘normal’ user details that our current customers would wish to see in a printed register, such as Membership number, Name and telephone number, and also provides space for the instructor to tick off how many of the scheduled dates the student has attended. As an aid to Health and Safety the Register has both a Comments column, which can contain important information regarding each Student for the specific course, and relevant medical issues.

The Course Registers module also allows the registers to be tailor made to individual requirements which can then be merged to corporate registers or assessment forms.

Towards the end of term an automatic student transfer routine can be run placing the students in the appropriate courses for the following term. As a by-product of the student transfer routine course re-enrolment letters or a telephone number list for the following term can automatically be created.

No more lengthy queues at re-enrolment time as parents can simply pay/send a cheque through the post by the payment date specified in the re-enrolment letter. Once the payment date has passed the unpaid student transfers can be removed en masse opening the courses up to customers not previously enrolled or those wishing to move to a different day, time or class.