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Leisure Management Software

Delta Computer Services has been serving the Leisure Industry for over 30 years and is now a leading supplier of Leisure Management Software in the UK with systems installed in local authority, academic and private leisure facilities throughout Scotland, England, and Wales.

Software Solutions For:

• Gyms and Sports Centres
• Local Authorities
• Schools and Universities
• Theatres

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Leisure Management System Software

Modular and bespoke software to exactly meet the needs of your business.

Scuba Key Features

The software modules contained in the Reception Desk option allow you to operate a fast and efficient Point of Sale ensuring that customers are dealt with quickly and easily – even during busy peak periods.

  • Activity Bookings
  • POS Ticketing 
  • Membership Sales
  • Chip & Pin
  • Access Control
  • Internet Bookings

Entering the user data from the membership application form can be done either during the sale of the membership, as part of the user’s first visit to the facility or during quieter times.

  • Membership Management
  • Payments Including DD
  • Prospecting
  • CRM & Retention
  • Online Registration
  • Renewals

Scuba provides a user-friendly easy way of enrolling ‘students’ on to one or many courses.

When creating each Course Scuba allows you to structure the prices according to the user’s membership category.

Several students can be enrolled on to multiple classes within the same transaction with Scuba generating a receipt for each class booked.

  • Student Database
  • Enrolments including On Line
  • Student Upgrades
  • Course Viability
  • Tutor Availability

A computerised booking system will handle all future bookings, as far in advance as you require, from the one-off special event to the multiple-date block booking often made by schools or clubs, for example.

Details of any future booking, including those for multiple activities and dates, need be entered only once, saving considerable administration time.

  • Unlimited Bookings across multiple planners
  • Real time Integration with Casual Bookings and Memberships
  • Drag and Drop Diary style Interface
  • Free format Notes for e.g. Resource Allocation with Outlook style Hyperlinks
  • User defined Reports
  • Invoicing and Accounting Including Part Payments

Scuba’s Reporting Suite includes several Analysis modules allowing you to make business decisions based on the utilisation of a particular area, casually bookable activity (Badminton, Squash etc) utilisation within an area, casually bookable course (Aerobics, Spinning etc) utilisation within an area and membership category utilisation (by activity) within an area.

  • Easy to Use (you don’t need to be an SQL expert!)
  • Comprehensive List of Standard Reports
  • Customizable
  • Class Bookings
  • Casual Bookings
  • Membership Registration & Renewals
  • Payments
  • Course Bookings
  • Loyalty
  • Theatre Bookings
  • Fast Track Customers
  • Customer Self Service
  • Ensure Attendance for Direct Debit Users



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